The second life of lithium batteries

15 Feb 2022

After about ten years of loyal services, it is considered that a Batconnect lithium battery will have lost between 15 and 30% of its initial capacity. It is then often essential to change it. The battery will no longer be able to fulfill its main functions (reduced autonomy and decreased maximum power). However, this does not mean that the battery is no longer usable. Far from it! So what should be done with Batconnect batteries at the end of their life?   


Recycling Batconnect lithium batteries is possible! While the European legislation imposes a minimum recycling rate of 50% for a lithium-ion battery, Batconnect is committed to recycling its batteries at over 80%. A commitment to act in favor of the environment and to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.   

There is no doubt that the recycling of lithium batteries will be a major challenge in the coming years. Indeed, the mining of the raw materials that are essential for the production of batteries now poses real ecological questions. Limiting the extraction of additional lithium through the recycling of lithium-ion batteries already on the market is therefore a major environmental challenge.  


What if we gave a second life to your battery? Batconnect takes care of your used batteries in order to give them the second life they deserve. After a series of checks and a complete reconditioning process, the battery will be integrated into a stationary electricity storage system. 

In short, your lithium battery could in the future be used to power photovoltaic farms or even wind farms. A good way to extend the life of your battery while contributing to the production of renewable energy! And that’s it, the circle is complete! 

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