Meet our team

Meet your contacts and the values that guide our business.

Your contacts

Jeremy Dulout
CEO and founder

"Together, let's combine economic performance, eco-design and reindustrialization"

Cathy Rouan
Commercial Director

"Let's combine our skills to develop together the battery solution that will make your life easier"

Irline Gomez
Administrative and HR manager

"The individual at the heart of the team with their values and uniqueness, to see together how strong we are."

Youness Lami
R&D project manager

“Without intelligence, a battery is just a pile of cells, energy without a soul.”

Our values


Our company is committed to designing products that respect the environment and users, and to sustainably managing resources by optimizing their use and promoting recycling. In addition, we are determined to provide a healthy, fulfilling and stimulating work environment for our employees, while ensuring a balance between professional and personal life.


We minimize our environmental impact by improving our batteries using an eco-design approach. We ensure fair working conditions and remuneration for our employees and subcontractors. In addition, we provide our customers with clear and transparent information for responsible management and use of their batteries.


We train our employees and customers in new technologies and sustainable practices. We collaborate with research laboratories and schools to advance knowledge and encourage the emergence of new talents.


We carry out our projects with determination and perseverance, overcoming obstacles and adapting to changes. We offer impeccable customer service, responding to needs with responsiveness and professionalism. We promote inclusion and diversity in our recruitment and our teams, valuing differences and creating a welcoming and caring work environment.

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