Design, research and development

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Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Research

Our research department specializes in conducting in-depth analysis of clients' needs, offering feasibility studies, state-of-the-art research, and market analysis to assess project viability.

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Custom Prototyping

Based on client-provided specifications, we design and develop custom battery prototypes precisely tailored to their needs and requirements.

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Technology tracking and Continuous Research

We engage in various battery-related research areas, staying constantly updated with the latest advancements in scientific literature. This enables us to apply the most innovative methods in our projects and ensure a cutting-edge approach.

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Ongoing Innovation

Our research department distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation, exploring new avenues and developing innovative solutions to address current and future challenges in the field of batteries.

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Example of a custom battery

Battery type


Rated voltage

43.2 V

Rated Capacity

19.5 Ah

Rated Energy

18.4 kWh

Voltage range

36 V - 51 V

Cell Grade

Grade A


2000 @ 5C 25°C

1750 @ 5C 40°C

IP Code

IP 65

Max. Charge current., T°>25°C

10C, 180 A

Max. Charge pulse, SOC>20%,T°>25°C

25C, 450 A (10s)

Max. Discharge current., T°>25°C

10C, 180 A

Max. Discharge pulse, SOC>20%,T°>25°C

25C, 450 A (10s)

"Dive into the heart of innovation with our connectivity-centric approach at Batconnect, where proactive battery management paves the way for optimal performance and increased sustainability."


Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: Our system allows for remote adjustment of battery parameters, adapting their usage, preventing premature aging, and optimizing performance, ensuring sustainable and efficient utilization.

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Fleet Monitoring and Proactive Battery Surveillance: Enabling not only real-time fleet tracking for our clients but also proactive monitoring of all physical battery parameters deployed to ensure their proper functioning.

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Data Collection for Research and Development: Data collection plays a crucial role in our research, allowing us to refine our machine learning models for a better understanding and optimization of battery performance.

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Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: Our system goes beyond simple one-way communication by offering bi-directional interaction. We have the capability to remotely adjust battery parameters, ensuring optimized usage, prevention of premature aging, and optimal performance for increased durability and efficiency.

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Continuous Innovation and Dynamic Adaptation: By integrating connectivity at the core of our approach, we are committed to continuing to innovate and adapt our solutions based on changing market needs and technological advancements in the battery field.