Monitoring the state of the batteries

15 Feb 2022

A battery breakdown can quickly become a problem for your company. In that case, you will have to immobilize your vehicle and wait for the – usually expensive – intervention of a repairer.
Nowadays, some companies have developed remote control systems for a good monitoring of the state of the batteries, in order to anticipate any breakdown and avoid any inconvenience. 
For example, the system developed by Batconnect adapts to all types of batteries and is directly linked to a web interface. It offers several advantages in terms of time and money saving but also security. 


A real timesaver 

Indeed, the connected system is a real time saver for the company. You can forget about all the maintenance constraints thanks to all the information available within the connected interface. Algorithms constantly analyze the health of your battery and alert you to any suspicious behavior. We can thus help you to plan your on-site interventions. 

An economic benefit

A breakdown results in the immobilization of the vehicle, which is synonymous with economic (money) loss for your company. Thanks to the Batconnect interface, it is now possible to track in real time the state of the battery and to anticipate breakdowns. A real time and money saver! 

An asset for the company’s performance 

The remote connectivity system also allows you to monitor and manage your entire vehicle fleet. A shock or an anomaly: everything can be viewed and recorded on the web application. It is also possible to geo-locate your vehicles and to consult the battery operating time, its temperature or its charge rate. 

This Batconnect system is a real revolution for the new technologies sector and for monitoring the state of the batteries!