Lithium batteries for Industrial Cleaning

Always have your cleaning equipment ready without maintenance, ensuring complete peace of mind.

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Extended lifespan
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Zero maintenance
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Partial charge for optimized performance

Our connected batteries

We have carefully designed every aspect of our batteries to provide you with optimal performance and safety.

With our connectivity system and dedicated local support, you benefit from fast and efficient assistance, with remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Modular solutions

We offer modules that can be integrated into the compartment of your industrial cleaning equipment.

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Protection and Safety

Protection against overcharging, excessive discharging, extreme temperatures, and overcurrents, ensuring safe and reliable use.

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Fast charging

Our batteries have a fast charge which allows you to reduce downtime and optimize the operating time of your scrubber dryers.

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Optimized Durability and Performance

Made with top-grade cells*, these batteries ensure long life, exceptional performance, and optimal adaptation.

* Use of A grade , automotive cells.



Our maintenance-free lithium batteries are designed for cyclical applications with regular charging and discharging. Their lifespan is extended, and you can use your equipment with complete peace of mind.

Why choose Batconnect batteries?

More availability of your equipment
Fast charging
Up to 10 years guarantee
Lightness of the pack


Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: Our system allows for remote adjustment of battery parameters, adapting their usage, preventing premature aging, and optimizing performance, ensuring sustainable and efficient utilization.

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Fleet Monitoring and Proactive Battery Surveillance: enabling not only real-time fleet tracking for our clients but also proactive monitoring of all physical battery parameters deployed to ensure their proper functioning.

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Data Collection for Research and Development: data collection plays a crucial role in our research, allowing us to refine our machine learning models for a better understanding and optimization of battery performance.

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Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: our system goes beyond simple one-way communication by offering bi-directional interaction. We have the capability to remotely adjust battery parameters, ensuring optimized usage, prevention of premature aging, and optimal performance for increased durability and efficiency.

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Continuous Innovation and Dynamic Adaptation: by integrating connectivity at the core of our approach, we are committed to continuing to innovate and adapt our solutions based on changing market needs and technological advancements in the battery field.

Optimize the performance of your equipment with our batteries

Choose a comfortable solution: fast charging, partial charging and use your equipment with complete peace of mind.