Lithium batteries for ENERGY STORAGE

The increasing deployment of your autonomous energy production equipment is creating a rising demand for reliable, high-performance, and secure storage solutions.

Our batteries, configured in series and/or parallel as needed, fulfill all your needs for capacity, power, longevity, and safety.

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Storage capacity from 2 to 100 kWh
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Modular solution
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Up to 20 years lifespan
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Our connected batteries

We have carefully designed every aspect of our batteries to provide you with optimal performance and safety.

With our connectivity system and dedicated local support, you benefit from fast and efficient assistance, with remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

Icone de batterie modulable

Modular Batteries

Icone de solution off grid / on grid

Configuration for Off-Grid/On-Grid Solutions

Icone de capacité de stockage

Storage Capacity up to 100 kWh

48 V - 50 Ah
48 V - 105 Ah



We offer two battery capacity options for stationary storage (50 Ah or 105 Ah). We can serialize and/or parallelize our packs to meet your storage needs.

BMS 150A

BMS 200A

BMS 250A

Rated and Max. discharge current

75 A - 150 A

100 A - 200 A

125 A - 250 A

Max. Peak Current (5sec pulse)

225 A

300 A

375 A

Why choose Batconnect batteries?

French design
Local support
Battery expertise
Tailor-made connectivity


Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: our system allows for remote adjustment of battery parameters, adapting their usage, preventing premature aging, and optimizing performance, ensuring sustainable and efficient utilization.

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Fleet Monitoring and Proactive Battery Surveillance: enabling not only real-time fleet tracking for our clients but also proactive monitoring of all physical battery parameters deployed to ensure their proper functioning.

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Data Collection for Research and Development: data collection plays a crucial role in our research, allowing us to refine our machine learning models for a better understanding and optimization of battery performance.

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Bi-directional Connectivity for Proactive Management: our system goes beyond simple one-way communication by offering bi-directional interaction. We have the capability to remotely adjust battery parameters, ensuring optimized usage, prevention of premature aging, and optimal performance for increased durability and efficiency.

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Continuous Innovation and Dynamic Adaptation: by integrating connectivity at the core of our approach, we are committed to continuing to innovate and adapt our solutions based on changing market needs and technological advancements in the battery field.

Let's design your battery together

From 2 to 100 KWh, let's find together the energy storage solution best suited to your needs.