Batteries pour embarcations nautiques

Batterie for electric boat

Our connected battery solutions allow you to sail in total safety.

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Stay connected to your equipments
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Up to 10 years guarantee

Our connected batteries

More and more boat owners are looking to reduce their constraints in terms of noise, smell, mechanical maintenance, and energy consumption. Our equipment allows you to make the necessary environmental transition of your boats with a retrofit to an electric motor.

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Versatile Capacity Options

Our batteries offer ranges suitable for moderate or intensive use, depending on the terrain and your needs.

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Protection and Safety

Protection against overcharging, excessive discharging, extreme temperatures, and overcurrents, ensuring safe and reliable use.

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Easy Installation

Compatible with a wide range of models, designed for quick and intuitive installation.

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Optimized Durability and Performance

Made with top-grade cells*, these batteries ensure long life, exceptional performance, and optimal adaptation with regards to various applications.

* Use of A grade , automotive cells.



We offer battery solutions with waterproofing up to IP 68. Our modular solution allows you to adapt our solution according to your type of boat. Our tracking system allows you to navigate safely and optimize the management of your fleet.

Why choose Batconnect batteries?

French quality
Up to 3500 cycles
Up to 10 years guarantee

Connected fleet managment

Our connectivity technology redefines fleet management for intermediate vehicles, bringing advanced features within your reach.
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Fleet Management: monitor and efficiently manage your entire fleet of electric boats through a centralized interface, optimizing their usage and maintenance.

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Remote Maintenance: the embedded intelligence of our batteries identifies potential issues and resolves them remotely, ensuring more efficient and responsive management.

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Battery Lifespan Optimization: thanks to embedded intelligence, we anticipate potential issues, thus optimizing the lifespan of your battery.

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Geofencing: define specific geographic zones and receive instant alerts for secure control of your fleet, with the ability to halt them if necessary.

With our connected battery technology, optimize the usage of your electric boat for an enhanced customer experience, ensuring seamless mobility.

“Proactivity is essential, with technical advice upstream so that the implementation goes as smoothly as possible. Customer service is flexible and responsive to best support the project.”
Raymond Sarr

CEO, Jokosun

“We chose Batconnect to meet our customers' needs with an innovative solution that is adaptable and scalable. We support boat owners in their energy transition and collaborate with various providers of electric or hybrid engines for different types of boats. Each project is unique, and Batconnect solutions cater to most uses and virtually all configurations encountered in our retrofit projects.”


Adopt our connected batteries

We put our battery expertise at your disposal to support you in your nautical retrofit projects by relying on expert partners in the nautical market.