Battery: when lead is replaced by lithium-ion

15 Feb 2022

First marketed in the early 1990s, the lithium-ion battery now powers smartphones around the world and even drives some of our vehicles. More efficient, more robust and more compact, the lithium-ion battery is taking over from the traditional lead-acid battery. But how is it really more efficient?    


When choosing a battery, the charging time can be a decisive factor. In the case of a golf cart battery, the Batconnect lithium-ion battery guarantees a full charge in just 3 hours, compared to 8 hours for a lead-acid battery (which will also discharge more quickly) ! Moreover, while lead-acid batteries require a complete discharge before charging, lithium-ion batteries are perfectly suited to “biberonnage”, i.e. micro-cycles of charging, even for 5 minutes, on a partially discharged battery. A real time saver !   


While a lead-acid battery requires rigorous, sometimes costly and recurrent maintenance (adding demineralised water, checking the oxidation of the terminals and the condition of the cables, etc.), a lithium-ion battery needs (almost) no attention. Monitoring of a Batconnect lithium-ion battery is mainly done remotely, using a real-time monitoring system to track the condition of the battery, and thus prevent future damage. The Batconnect connected box provides all the information needed to ensure the battery’s good health. Prevention is better than cure.  


Another difference between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries is the energy density. For the same weight, the lithium-ion battery can store more energy than the lead-acid battery. For example, the battery proposed by Batconnect weighs 47 kg, a real featherweight compared to its lead equivalent, which reaches 200 kg. A battery that is four times lighter!     


The constant innovation around lithium batteries also brings its share of major advances in terms of safety! Increasingly safe lithium batteries are being developed, such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), currently the most stable and safest technology on the market.  

Precisely the technology used in Batconnect batteries, to guarantee maximum safety for our customers !