Our identity

‘‘Together, let us fuse economical performance, eco-design and re-industrialisation.’’

Jérémy Dulout

CEO & Founder

Jérémy Dulout
Our mission: provide you with products that are attuned to the current economic, energy and environmental challenges; invest in favour of national re-industrialisation and to commit alongside you to the creation of a desirable future for generations to come.

Who we are

A committed and complementary team


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Engineering / R&D


Engineering / R&D


Engineering / R&D


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Junior Full Stack Engineer

Our Vision

Contribute, together and for all, to a covetable future

Since its creation in 2019, Batconnect has strived to put forward a sustainable and reliant energy storage solution advocating for the decarbonisation of the industry. That is why, we uphold the suitability of a connected lithium-ion battery solution where there is no care/maintenance to be handled and through the use of connectivity, we provide a remote real-time diagnosis service.
Batconnect aims to establish itself as a major national actor in the battery industry while fostering:

  • The circular economy to preserve natural resources,
  • Short-circuit networks to reinvigorate local employment and sectors,
  • The reduction of our carbon footprint.

Our Values

Place the society and environment at the heart of our concerns

  • Offer you an optimal and personalised experience
  • Make the choice of local designs
  • Commit to a responsible and well-thought industry
  • Eco-design: repairability, recyclability and circularity

Join Batconnect

First and foremost, joining our teams means above all joining a human adventure and an industrial project that makes sense in many ways.

Batconnect grows every day on an abiding foundation of social and environmental values shared by the entire team. Minimizing our carbon impact is the core of our concerns, whether it is in the implementation of our industrial processes, in our strategic choices or in our future ambitions.

Batconnect’s management is fair, based on principles of benevolence and balance between the company’s economic performance and everyone’s fulfilment at work.

As a testimony to these commitments, Batconnect began the process in 2023 to become an “Entreprise à mission”.

Our Partners